Welcome to my blog! It's not much at the moment, but might grow in the future.

Well, I think I should say why I created this blog. The main reason why this blog was created was because I won an ICT Fellowship (you can read more about this on the VITTA Website:

A key initiative proposed by the Taskforce is the Student ICT Fellowships. Fellowships of AU$ 1000 are offered annually to outstanding students making use ICT in Government schools. The Fellowships have been developed to provide students with the opportunity to work in a relevant ICT-related organisation and implement meaningful, real-life ICT projects, with the likes of graphic designers, system managers, web-masters and programmers acting as their mentors.

So basically, it's like work experience, except I get AU$1000 at the end... Quite nice

So, anyway, I'll probably be writing some stuff in here relating to this. I'm considering using Wordpress instead of this MKPortal-based blog system, but I can't really be bothered installing at the moment. Besides, this system is simple

Thanks for visiting


NOTE: I've since transferred to WordPress 😃