Google used to offer some little widgets that you could embed on your site which would show if you were online or offline in Google Talk, and let people start a conversation directly from the web page. I used to scrape the HTML and grab my status from there to display it on my site. Unfortunately they deprecated them last year and pulled the service offline recently.

I thought it'd be useful and couldn't find anything similar so I started a site that would provide similar functionality. Currently it can show an online/offline icon, and provide the data in JSON format. I'm going to add some more functionality and make it more user-friendly as I get time to.

Here's a screenshot of how I display it on my site:

Screenshot of MyStatus information

Here's the URL:

Technologies I'm using are Node.js, Express, Sequelize, and node-xmpp. This is my first live Node.js site.

Let me know what you think!