Another song that I liked but couldn't find the lyrics to... Actually this one was from a mix, I've clipped it out and so I could have it as a separate MP3 file.

As for normal blogging, I'll resume eventually. Once I get university assignments and such sorted out, I guess.

Here's the song:

[Verse 1]

Listen to me, and I will tell you,

Of the way I like to live,

Take each day as if it's my last,

And every moment is my final breath

I know it sounds as if I'm crazy,

But I guess I will survive,

And everyday I take a chance,

Is another that I come alive

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Because I couldn't find the lyrics of this song anywhere, I typed it up myself. 😛

Here's the song:

Edit: imeem is gone 😦. Find the song on YouTube instead.

[Verse 1]

Come and look into my heart

And you'll find me in your dreams

And soon you'll be my gift of love

It's just me and you

Reaching through your every thought

Is it always what it seems?

But I will never leave your side

It's just you and me

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