Another song that I liked but couldn't find the lyrics to... Actually this one was from a mix, I've clipped it out and so I could have it as a separate MP3 file.

As for normal blogging, I'll resume eventually. Once I get university assignments and such sorted out, I guess.

Here's the song:

[Verse 1]

Listen to me, and I will tell you,
Of the way I like to live,
Take each day as if it's my last,
And every moment is my final breath
I know it sounds as if I'm crazy,
But I guess I will survive,
And everyday I take a chance,
Is another that I come alive


This will be (this will be)
The best days of our lives
This will be (this will be)
Insanity run wild
Follow me (follow me)
To another level I have found
And you shall find,
we can reach for higher ground

[Verse 2]

Today is the first time I can feel that,
This is where our journey starts
And every mountain that we cross
will be so different than the last
And just believe me when I tell you,
Every step that we will take
To the next illusive place
It's gonna take your breath away

(repeat chorus)

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  1. Avatar for Bob Bob said:

    Was browsing for the song name for a while nice 1!!! :) My song title got renamed somewhow :S

    1. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

      Glad I could help :P Haha