I was rewriting my site recently (to use the Kohana framework instead of WordPress), and I decided to write my own blog system at the same time. Finally, I've finished a basic version of it, and it's now live! This site is running on it, so hopefully there's no major issues! I do still love WordPress, but as a developer, it's often fun to create your own stuff (you know exactly what the code is doing, and it does exactly what you want). The code for this whole website is now available on Github, maybe some of you would find it interesting (especially if you're doing something similar yourself). Still a bit rough around the edges, but it's working fine. I've still got a bit I'd like to do with the blog (like improving the administration section). 😃

My old blog used to have a "microblog" section where I'd occassionally post photos and stuff. I've moved all that onto a Tumblr account, although now I'm thinking I should have used Posterous instead. Tumblr's uptime seems quite bad. I really don't understand why it's so popular... It seems like it's mainly the community rather than the site itself.

Eventually I might even post a proper blog article to here. Or to my other blog with my girlfriend 😃

Until then,

— Daniel

Recently, I was looking through a few short domains, and decided to buy dan.cx. I think it's a pretty good domain, even if .cx is an odd TLD (it's the TLD for Christmas Island which is close to Australia, so I guess it's kinda related 😛). It's better than my old one (d15.biz) in my opinion. "d15" doesn't have too much meaning (apart from people that know it means "Daniel15"), whereas "dan" is a lot better. I'll still be using the old domain for some things (it'll still be my main email domain, since there doesn't seem to be a way to change the domain of a Google Apps setup, which is what I'm using for my email). I also got daniel.gd last night, but I'm not sure where I'll use that ("daniel good?" I dunno). It currently just redirects to dan.cx. I should probably stop buying domains. But, I bought these instead of renewing a few domains. I don't really work on MySpaceTools any more, so I'm just letting the domain expire. 😛

I guess you've probably noticed, but I've been doing some updates to my site (finally!). I rewrote it to use my own very simple CMS  (instead of a static HTML file), and added a "Projects" page showing some of the bigger projects I've worked on in the past. I'm considering switching the site to be fully WordPress (instead of just the blog), but I haven't done that just yet. Not sure if I will, I'm happy with the simple CMS for now. I thought WordPress might be easier for site management though. And the main part of the site is the blog, which might be better in the root. I dunno.

A proper blog post will come eventually. One day. 😃

Until next time,

— Daniel

Well, as you can see here, my blog has a new layout. The layout itself was written from scratch by me, although some parts of it were based off a nice two-column CSS layout tutorial I found whilst searching in Google. This layout is not yet complete, I'm still working on it. What do you think so far? 😃

The only problem now is my lack of blog posts. I haven't really had time to blog, but I'll definitely try to write some more posts here soonish 😛