Recently, I was looking through a few short domains, and decided to buy I think it's a pretty good domain, even if .cx is an odd TLD (it's the TLD for Christmas Island which is close to Australia, so I guess it's kinda related :P). It's better than my old one ( in my opinion. "d15" doesn't have too much meaning (apart from people that know it means "Daniel15"), whereas "dan" is a lot better. I'll still be using the old domain for some things (it'll still be my main email domain, since there doesn't seem to be a way to change the domain of a Google Apps setup, which is what I'm using for my email). I also got last night, but I'm not sure where I'll use that ("daniel good?" I dunno). It currently just redirects to I should probably stop buying domains. But, I bought these instead of renewing a few domains. I don't really work on MySpaceTools any more, so I'm just letting the domain expire. :P

I guess you've probably noticed, but I've been doing some updates to my site (finally!). I rewrote it to use my own very simple CMS  (instead of a static HTML file), and added a "Projects" page showing some of the bigger projects I've worked on in the past. I'm considering switching the site to be fully WordPress (instead of just the blog), but I haven't done that just yet. Not sure if I will, I'm happy with the simple CMS for now. I thought WordPress might be easier for site management though. And the main part of the site is the blog, which might be better in the root. I dunno.

A proper blog post will come eventually. One day. :)

Until next time,
— Daniel

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  1. Avatar for Richard Shaylot Richard Shaylot said:

    Hey Dan,

    I use Google Apps and i also wished to change my Primary Domain. Its not possible yet but this may also solve your problem.

    Hope it helps


    1. Avatar for Richard Shaylor Richard Shaylor said:

      Lol sorry spelt my name wrong in the first post.

      Richard Shaylor it should be.

      He He

    2. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

      Yeah, I ended up adding the new domain as a domain alias. It seems to do odd things like randomly drop emails to the catchall address (they don't bounce back, but I never get them) so I'm still using my old domain most of the time.

      Thanks for your comment :)