Recently, I was working on some DNS tools, including DNS lookup and WHOIS tools. Needing to test the WHOIS tool, I used as a test domain (as I usually do). The WHOIS lookup returned some rather interesting results:


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Update 2010-03-28: is no longer available, due to MySpace blocking my server from accessing it.

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Based on a blog entry I read about backing up your profile, I decided to try and write a script that would grab your entire friend list so you can have a local copy of it. It was kinda hard to do, but I've managed to write a relatively simple script that will grab your entire friends list, and display it on the one page. It does so by grabbing each page in the "View All Friends" section, and essentially merges them all together. What you end up with is one page that contains your entire friends list.

Take a look at [broken link removed] for the script so far. Note that it will currently not work on private profiles (although I'm working on a fix for that). For now, if you have a private profile, you must temporarily set your profile to public in order to export the friends list.

You can easily save the page it generates (via File ? Save As...) and keep it as a local copy of your friends list. Yes, I know how it displays its output is kinda ugly at the moment, but I'm a coder, not a designer 😛

Hope it's useful for someone. 😃

I originally posted this to the MySpace Forums, but thought I should also post it here