Update 2010-03-28: MySpaceTools.ws is no longer available, due to MySpace blocking my server from accessing it.

Edit: This has been moved to MySpaceTools.ws. Please email errors [-at-] myspacetools.ws for support, do not comment here.

Based on a blog entry I read about backing up your profile, I decided to try and write a script that would grab your entire friend list so you can have a local copy of it. It was kinda hard to do, but I've managed to write a relatively simple script that will grab your entire friends list, and display it on the one page. It does so by grabbing each page in the "View All Friends" section, and essentially merges them all together. What you end up with is one page that contains your entire friends list.

Take a look at [broken link removed] for the script so far. Note that it will currently not work on private profiles (although I'm working on a fix for that). For now, if you have a private profile, you must temporarily set your profile to public in order to export the friends list.

You can easily save the page it generates (via File ? Save As...) and keep it as a local copy of your friends list. Yes, I know how it displays its output is kinda ugly at the moment, but I'm a coder, not a designer :P

Hope it's useful for someone. :)
I originally posted this to the MySpace Forums, but thought I should also post it here

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  1. Avatar for Be a Good Daughter Be a Good Daughter said:

    Hello this post is amazing.
    I like your blog..

  2. Avatar for me me said:

    nice script, if I get a chance to f%ck around with it I'll send you any updates. I wanted to write a back up and then an auto-friend request script in the event that things needed to be fixed. or, generate a list of myspace UIDs so you could comment all your friends at once...


  3. Avatar for Idetrorce Idetrorce said:

    very interesting, but I don't agree with you

  4. Avatar for jookyone jookyone said:

    Nice name, and great piece of code. Email me if you'd like to discuss methodology and a project I am working on that uses some of this code.


  5. Avatar for JoJo JoJo said:

    AWESOME tool -- thanks !

  6. Avatar for method method said:

    Very nice program. But could you add an option that it creates SQL insert statements so we can store it i mysql database too ? Hope you guys help me achieve that task.Thanks

  7. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

    I'm glad you like it :)
    I'll be working on a new version sometime in the future, perhaps I'll make it have a CSV option. Then you could use that to store the data in a MySQL database. :D

  8. Avatar for Jeff Jeff said:

    Nice script. I applaud you. The csv option would be pretty cool. Keep the good work up.

  9. Avatar for David David said:

    Great utility. Thanks for making this available. Is there anyway to include a backup of the profiles saved under the "Favorites". It would be great if it backed up both.


  10. Avatar for ron art ron art said:

    this does not seem to work anymore

  11. Avatar for ron art ron art said:

    Ooops. It was my mistake. I had my MySpace profile set to private so thats why couldn't export my list. Once I switched it to "public" the script worked PERFECT.

  12. Avatar for lisa lisa said:

    My profile is public, and this didn't work at all. I even tried different browsers, and it told me I had 50 pages of friends, and at the bottom said I had "0" friends. No names, no numbers, no pictures of my friends. :-( Only page numbers with nothing else.

  13. Avatar for Katie Katie said:

    As great as this is, there are commercial products that do that if you're interested in shelling out some cash and getting some more features... one in particular comes to mind, can't quite recall the name though... something "Friends Manager"

  14. Avatar for Jim Jim said:


    The friend export utility has stopped working again, it stopped late last year, then it worked again early Jan, now its its giving pages of friends, but listing the count as zero.

    Shame, I really don't want to have to buy a utility to export what is really my own data, I wish myspace would just give you the option to export your friendlist to a CSV file or something.

    Ah well...

  15. Avatar for Substance 01 Substance 01 said:

    Your blog is amazing, i first landed to another post but then get interested and thought, i will just look a little more arround to see what else i can find out about myspace stuff :-)

  16. Avatar for Barry Willie Black Barry Willie Black said:

    Your link is dead and I can't access the code or the page listed in this blog.

    1. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

      Yeah, sorry, it stopped working so I didn't bother renewing the domain. The code is still available if you want it.

      1. Avatar for Reverand Barry Willie Black Reverand Barry Willie Black said:

        Tried the code but it throws an error stating that it could not retrieve friend ID

        1. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

          The code hasn't worked for a long time. Feel free to modify it to try and get it working again, but MySpace is basically dead so I didn't see a reason to do so myself :)

  17. Avatar for Seinfeld Seinfeld said:

    Hi, how do you use the script? I appreciate if you can give an instruction how to make it work.

    thank you in advance.

  18. Avatar for dada dada said:

    amazing! thank you sir!
    could it be possible to have the code..?
    it would be very cool...
    have a nice day

    1. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

      It doesn't work any more, unfortunately. MySpace did changes which broke it, and I no longer use MySpace.