I've added a "Microblog" section to this blog, which I'll basically (try to) use to post things when I'm out and about. Kinda like Twitter, but maybe with longer posts. Like a... microblog, or tumbleblog (Tumblr, etc.)

Ciera gets here tomorrow morning! EPIC excitedness! I can't wait!!! 😄

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— Daniel

Well, I was looking at last month's statistics for Daniel15.com, and I happened to notice something interesting in the list of browsers people are using:

Browsers used to visit site - October 2006

It appears that more of my site's visitors are now using Firefox rather than Internet Explorer... Also, 11% of visitors are Opera users (if only there were more 😛)

What was even more interesting was the list of operating systems people are using:

Operating Systems used to visit site - October 2006

Can you see it? Look towards the end of that list... 10 hits from a person using AmigaOS! I didn't even know that AmigaOS was still used 😛

I had an Amiga 2000... A long, long time ago, before I knew how to use a computer properly. I always used this painting program (but I can no longer remember what it was called).

Update: OK, I remember now, it was called DPaint 😛

I was looking through some status information on my web host, and I found out that doesn't have a processor. No, instead, it has a AMD Athlon(tm) Prosussor... How could something like this slip through AMD's QA?

Even funnier was a friend telling me that their server had an AMD Athlon(tm) Proswssor 😛.

Well, I did some minor changes to this blog today. Some of the main changes:

  • Changed the theme from the default WordPress one to the nice K2 theme
  • Added several new plugins:
  • And yeah, that's about all 😃

I used to think Dell was just stupid, but now I think even less of them:

AN INQUIRER READER attending a conference in Japan was sat just feet away from a laptop computer that suddenly exploded into flames, in what could have been a deadly accident. Gaston, our astonished reader reports: "The damn thing was on fire and produced several explosions for more than five minutes". Should you witness such an event, his advice is, "Don't try anything courageous/stupid, stay away, away, away!"

"For the record, this is a Dell machine," notes Gaston. "It is only a matter of time until such an incident breaks out on a plane," he suggests. Our witness managed to catch all the action in these amazing pictures.

"Fire extinguishers leave a mess on your suit and belongings; pack your stuff (if you can) and leave, leave, leave!" he advises.

We don't have any further details of the model of the computer in question. In light of the evidence, however, we'd suggest you avoid actually using a laptop on your lap. Ouch.

(source: "The Inquirer", on the internet somewhere 😛)

Here, have a picture of the exploding Dell:

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