I was looking through some status information on my web host, and I found out that doesn't have a processor. No, instead, it has a AMD Athlon(tm) Prosussor... How could something like this slip through AMD's QA?
Even funnier was a friend telling me that their server had an AMD Athlon(tm) Proswssor :P.

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  1. Avatar for Peter Nic Peter Nic said:

    The spelling error is not AMD's -- the name of the CPU is re-set by the motherboard BIOS. The two spelling errors are apparently defects in the BIOS of the computers you are seeing this in. AMD CPUs come with a very generic name in their CPUID; AMD requires the BIOS/OS to set the more specific name based on a number of factors. I think those are bugs/pranks, have not heard of problems with those BIOS/motherboards otherwise. (Funny, granted :)

  2. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

    Thanks for the clarification, Peter Nic ;) Even if it is a BIOS problem, the BIOS manufacturer should have picked it up. It is definately present on a number of systems. A Google search for "AMD Athlon(tm) Prosussor" has 612 results, and "AMD Athlon(tm) Proswssor" has 286 results :P

    I encountered this on a dedicated server from Layered Technologies, by the way.

  3. Avatar for anonymous anonymous said:

    My pc has a proswssor, how I stumbled upon this thread

  4. Avatar for Amd Amd said:

    I searched for \'Amd Athlon Xp Processor\' at Google and found your post named \'’t spell! at Daniel15’s Blog\' in search results. Quite interesting to read.

  5. Avatar for elbbit elbbit said:

    elbbit@moon ~ $ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep name
    model name : AMD Athlon(tm) proswssor
    elbbit@moon ~ $

    Me too.