Well, I was looking at last month's statistics for Daniel15.com, and I happened to notice something interesting in the list of browsers people are using:
Browsers used to visit site - October 2006
It appears that more of my site's visitors are now using Firefox rather than Internet Explorer... Also, 11% of visitors are Opera users (if only there were more :P)

What was even more interesting was the list of operating systems people are using:
Operating Systems used to visit site - October 2006
Can you see it? Look towards the end of that list... 10 hits from a person using AmigaOS! I didn't even know that AmigaOS was still used :P
I had an Amiga 2000... A long, long time ago, before I knew how to use a computer properly. I always used this painting program (but I can no longer remember what it was called).
Update: OK, I remember now, it was called DPaint :P

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