I was recently searching for some Belkin stuff in Google, but accidentally mistyped Belkin as Belkikn. Strangely enough, Google's spell checker produced an interesting result:
Google - Belkin = D-Link

I guess Google likes D-Link more than Belkin? :P

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  1. Avatar for Valiant Valiant said:

    Hey. I have no idea where to get hold of you so I'll post here.

    I tried to comment on the frontpage and register for the forum but i get this error:

    An ERROR has occured with the CAPTCHA garbage collection!

  2. Avatar for Joe Stephens Joe Stephens said:

    That's hilarious! It is strange how everyone manages to find something wrong with Google....

  3. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

    @Valiant: Yeah, I just fixed the problem with my forum

    @Joe: Yeah, it is quite funny :P Problems like this seem to happen with every spell checker...
    On another forum I go to (http://www.whirlpool.net.au), if you type thankyou in, the spell checker recommends doesn't as the correct spelling :P

  4. Avatar for John John said:

    Actually the reason why DLINK came up when you did the Belkin Search is because DLINK has bought google ads and belkin has not. Im sure relevent belkin pages still came up. the Did you mean is part of the ad thing google has. So its not a mistake, its advertisment in the working.

  5. Avatar for John John said:

    Then there is the fact that you misspelled "Belkin"!!!

    You spelled it as Belkikn. If i was google i'd return a response like it did as well since the input was incorrect.

  6. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

    John, I know that I misspelt Belkin, it's the fact that Google's spell checker suggested "D-Link" that was funny ;)