1. Avatar for hfaze hfaze said:

    Huh... looks like somebody was doing that to up their feedback...

    People will sell items for $1, or $.01, with the winning bidder being a new user... It's a way to jack up their feedback scores in order to run more convincing hoaxes...

    eBay just isn't what it used to be... You REALLY have to be on the lookout for crooks nowadays...

  2. Avatar for Rasterline Rasterline said:

    apparently geeqnastie wasn't happy in the end:

    "DO NOT TRUST, he commits criminal fraud by bidding his own item to raise prices"

  3. Avatar for John John said:

    I wouldn't be happy either,But unfortuanatly its a part of every day life now.
    Look on the bright side of this , the bidder if he paid he didn't loose much anyway.

  4. Avatar for ccgriffin197 ccgriffin197 said:

    I think it is funny people think your going to get a PS3 for .99

    Are you on CRACK -


  5. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

    ccgriffin197, I agree completely... I can't believe that some people think that these auctions are actually serious :P.

  6. Avatar for Jim Mirkalami Jim Mirkalami said:

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