So as you'd already know, Ciera came back to Australia three weeks ago, which is why I haven't really been on messenger much recently :P. Things have been excellent so far, it's been really enjoyable. Last week, we made some delicious rainbow cookies. They were pretty much just plain lemon cookies based on a recipe from a $4 book we bought at Go-Lo, WITH A DIFFERENCE! We made them awesome by colouring them all different colours (and even made some multi-colour, which was my idea :D). They were delicious and colourful and made with 100% awesomesauce. Next time we make some, we'll make them all rainbow I think xD.

Yesterday (Saturday), we went to Scienceworks, which is a science museum here in Melbourne. Well, we got there eventually. We had a few minor issues along the way. Firstly, we got off at Parliament Train Station (as the Metlink journey planner said to), and the platform that the train we needed usually comes to was closed, and there was a notice to go to Southern Cross Station. So, we went back to the platform we came from, and caught another train to Southern Cross. When we got to Southern Cross, the train took aaaages to come (then again, it's the Weribee line so it's kinda expected I guess :P). And then there was another complication — The train terminated at Footscray and we had to take a replacement bus the rest of the way. However, once we caught that bus, we finally got there. Entry is free if you're a student, so that's definitely a bonus.

While I've been to Scienceworks before, it was a long long time ago and I couldn't remember much of it. This time around it was pretty good and I found it quite interesting. They had a toy exhibit, which was awesome! They had a roller coaster made out of K'Nex which was very nice. I want one!! Get me one please? I'm such a child at times, I don't think that'll ever change :D. Anyways, there was also other exhibits like a flight simulator, a kitchen thingy and a nice fire show (with demonstrations, Aaron would have loved it xD). There's also a planetarium there, but we didn't go this time (maybe we'll go next time). And we also went to the store there, and bought some glow-in-the-dark stars (which we stuck all over the roof in our room :D). All in all, it was a very fun day, I really enjoyed it! Was definitely worth the $0 entry to Scienceworks, hahaha :P.

As for work, things are going very good. Since I just passed the six month mark for my IBL placement, I moved from the technical support team at work into one of the development teams. We've been working on improving our products by making commonly-requested upgrades. When clients would like functionality that is currently not available in our system, their request goes onto a wishlist. My team went through the wishlist, rated all the items based on priority, and started working on them. In just two weeks, we've completed heaps, and a few people are very happy :D! I've also been doing a few other things, it's been quite good. I really enjoy my job! Also since it's about the half way mark now, my mid-placement report is nearly due. I've nearly finished it, just have to confirm that it's alright, and show it to my supervisor and see if he thinks it's alright.

So it's the start of another week tomorrow. I really miss Ciera during the day while I'm at work, but it's awesome coming home to her! Really makes me happy and makes everything I do worth it. <3

Until next time,
— Daniel

So, my girlfriend Ciera came back to Melbourne last Saturday (26th June 2010)! We've been having a great time so far, I'm so very glad to see her again! I honestly don't think I would have been able to wait much longer, so I'm extremely happy that she came her when she did. It's been a week since she got here, and things have already been so amazing! I think she's been enjoying it here heaps (I know she loves it in Australia), and I've certainly enjoyed it. Today we just did a bit of shopping, nothing too big. Bought a bookshelf to put all our books and stuff on :P

I can't wait for what the future is going to bring us!

Ciera and me!

Until next time,
— Daniel

Well, I haven't blogged for a while (seems to happen to me quite often). I was pretty busy with university work, exams, arranging a work placement for next year for IBL, and other stuff. I get my exam results in about one and a half weeks, hopefully I did alright on them. We'll see I guess...

Many of you know about my girlfriend. If not, her name is Ciera, and she's absolutely amazing :D. We met online on MySpace (haha) towards the end of September 2008. I had broken up with my ex-girlfriend after a short and hopeless relationship in August 2008. I was rather upset after my ex broke up with me (to be honest, I really have no idea why, looking back at it now), and was just looking for people to talk to, to make me feel better. I was browsing MySpace one of those days, and was looking through Tom's (you know, the guy with the pretend friends) blog, where Ciera had posted a comment on one of the posts. There was something about her in particular (the way she wrote? Her picture? I really don't know) that made me click on her and take a look at her profile. Now, I don't know why this happened (even today, neither me nor her know why things happened the way they did), but I'm glad it did. Reading her profile made me realise that we had so much in common! I sent a friend request right away, wondering if she'd accept and become my friend. I really wanted to get to know her more.

Luckily, she accepted my friend request. We started talking on MySpace, and eventually on Windows Live Messenger. We chat for hours and hours every day... It made me really happy (still does today), and made me forget about my ex-girlfriend and what happened with her. We kept learning more and more about each other, and got closer and closer. It was amazing how much we have in common! After about a month, we started to realise how we felt about each other. What started as a good friendship was definitely growing into something bigger (bigger is better, right?). There was only one problem with this — Distance. You see, while I'm here in Australia, she's all the way in the USA. We were so close, and yet physically we were so so far away from each other. Quite annoying really :(. She told me that when she finds a job, she'd start saving up to come see me!

Fast-forward eight months later, to June 2009, and Ciera was on her way here! She had saved up some money for the flight here, and I contributed some money towards it as well. It was so unbelievable, finally getting to be with her. I honestly didn't know what to expect, but I knew things were going to be alright (since me and Ciera were extra-close by this time :D). And things were way better than just "alright" — The whole experience was AMAZING! We had a great time staying together! She was here for three months, and we did so much in that time! I showed her around some places in Melbourne, and we just generally  had a great time. Just holding hands and even just being in the same room as each other felt so amazing after dreaming about it for so long. It was really like a dream come true to us.  It was really upsetting when she had to leave though, and I still miss her all the time :(. At least now I know who I'm going to spend my life with. It's a great feeling knowing someone as amazing and attractive as Ciera. :)

Being in a long-distance relationship has been quite an experience. While it's quite hard and I miss her every day, knowing that she's there for me and we'll be together one day is an amazing thing. I miss her heaps. I miss her smile, her laugh, everything about her. Being able to chat to her every day helps HEAPS though. It makes me feel like she's with me, even though we're physically so far away.  A lot of people say that online relationships don't work, but me and Ciera are proving them wrong :D. I love her more than anyone else I've ever met, and I have a feeling things will be like this forever. We're both working towards seeing each other again, and it'll be amazing. Like I mentioned at the start, I have a work placement next year. If that goes well, I'll save all the money from that, and use it to fly over to see her at the end of the year. That's pretty far away, but it'll be incredible when it happens. It'll be the first time I've travelled outside Australia (outside Victoria, even).

Ciera's also written a similar post on her blog, if you want to read her one.

Until next time,
— Daniel