Well, I though I'd better write a post about how the ICT Fellowship went (which was about 3 weeks ago)

It was quite good actually, I learned a bit about Blender (a 3D application) as well as some things about software development (I already knew quite a lot though, as you would probably know). A few of the other things I learned were:

  • During times when lots of visitors come to Melbourne (such as the 2006 Commonwealth Games), trams are really crowded... On one of the days, I happened to miss the tram, and the next one after it was so crowded it wasn't funny :D
  • It's impossible to get lost in Melbourne's CBD. Even though I don't go into the city much, I could basically guess where to walk to find a tram stop. Most of the people in the city are friendly and know where everything is (even though I've been in Melbourne my whole life, I don't go into the CBD often, and don't really know my way around)
  • Something else (I forgot)...

I'll be going back there on the next school holidays, so I'll see what happens then

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