Yesterday, I had a hard drive die on me  :(. It was a 160 GB Seagate Barracuda, and was less than a year old. It started with strange error messages late last night. I went to the server, reset it (need to power it off - It wouldn't shutdown cleanly), and now it won't boot. When I try to boot the system, I can hear the drive head hitting against the side of the drive, which makes me think there is a problem internally with the drive...

I'm looking into recovery options, though I think it will be way too expensive for my needs. If it is too expensive, I'll just have to cut my losses and move on. A lot of my development work was on this server (it was my backup PC as well). Whilst I have local copies of stuff, a lot of it is slightly old. It's kinda depressing to have something like this happen, so I'm not really in a good mood at the moment  :(

Update: About two weeks after the hard drive "failed", I tried it again. It was working, but made a strange sound. I quickly copied all the data off of it, and disconnected it. I was able to get a copy of all the most important data. So, it's not so bad... This story has a happy ending :D

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  1. Avatar for Ben Ben said:

    That sucks :( You could try data recovery software like Runtime Software's GetDataBack (it worked pretty well for me when I lost a drive a while ago) but if the head sounds like it's scraping, then it probably won't do anything for you...

  2. Avatar for Tim Burke Tim Burke said:

    Wow, I honestly thought that Seagate Hard Drives were good. I bought one at Best Buy (Electronic Store over here in the US) for 50 bucks, and I haven't had a problem with it since I bought it. I guess some of their hard drives are made in different plants than others.

  3. Avatar for Hung Hung said:

    i feel your pain, man. the best thing to do now is to move forward.

  4. Avatar for Jack Suter Jack Suter said:

    I had also thought that Seagate drives were rather good, but mine also is having problems. 250 Gig Barracuda, and occasionally has had problems booting - grub errors, winxp complaining about missing files, problems with MBR...

    At least you managed to get most of your stuff back from your drive.