Saw this in a MySpace bulletin... And it's mostly so true. Except for 11 and 13, which I kinda disagree with :P

1. Guys are more emotional then you think, if they loved you at one point, it'll take them a lot longer then you think to let you go, and it hurts every second that they try.

2. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.

3. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile.

4. Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him.

5. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're goin for the let-her-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-realize-how-wonderful-and-nice-you-are method.

6. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to.

7. Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved.

8. Guys are more emotional than they'd like people to think.

9. Giving a guy a hanging message like "You know what?!..uh...nevermind.." would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking. And he'll assume he did something wrong and he'll obsess about it trying to figure it out.

10. Girls are guys' weaknesses.

11. Guys are very open about themselves.

12. If a guy tells you about his problems, he just needs someone to listen to him. You don't need to give advice.

13. A usual act that proves that the guy likes you is when he teases you.

14. Guys love you more than you love them if they are serious in your relationships.

15. Guys use words like hot or cute to describe girls. We rarely use beautiful.If a guy uses that, he likes you a whole hell of a lot.

16. No matter how much guys talk about asses and boobs, personality is key.

17. Guys worry about the thin line between being compassionate and being whipped.

18. Guys think WAY too much. One small thing a girl does, even if she doesn't notice it can make the guy think about it for hours, trying to figure out what it meant.

19. If the guy does something stupid in front of the girl, he will think about it for the next couple days or until the next time he spends time with the girl.

20. If a guy looks unusually calm and laid back, he's probably faking it and is spazzing inside.

21. When a guy says he is going crazy about the girl, he really is. Guys rarely say that.

22. When a guy asks you to leave him alone, he's just actually saying, "Please come and listen to me."

23. If a guy starts to talk seriously, listen to him. It doesn't happen that often, so when it does, you know something's up.

24. When a guy tells you that you are beautiful, don't say you aren't. It makes them want to stop telling you because they don't want you to disagree with them.

25.When a guy looks at you for longer than a second, he's definitely thinking something.

26. A guy has more problems than you can see with your naked eyes.

27. Don't be a snob. Guys can be intimidated and give up easily.

28. Guys talk about girls more than girls talk about guys.

29. Guys really think that girls are strange and have unpredictable decisions and are MAD confusing but somehow are drawn even more to them.

30. A guy would give his right nut to be able to read a girl's mind for a day.

31. No guy can handle all his problems on his own. He's just too stubborn to admit it.

32. Not all guys are assholes. Just because ONE is a jackass doesnt mean he represents ALL of us.

33. They love it when girls talk about their boobs.

34. When a guy hits your butt it means that he wants you sexually

35. Even if they refuse it all guys are ticklish on the ribs.

36. Guys love neck rubs and if he lets you keep doing it means that he really likes you or his neck really hurts.

37. When a guy sacrifices his sleep and health just to be with you, he really likes you and wants to be with you as much as possible.

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  1. Avatar for Becca Becca said:

    According to my boyfriend, these are all true, he even added his own comments to it, it was pretty interesting sort of peering into a guy's head.

  2. Avatar for Total Total said:


  3. Avatar for Jeremy Jeremy said:

    Most of these are true, even though we don't admit it.

  4. Avatar for tammmmy ! tammmmy ! said:

    aw, i wish a guy would do all of the above for me (: ahaha !

  5. Avatar for Abhiram Abhiram said:

    Nice post.......True most of 'em
    13 is bullshit
    11 can't be genralized.

    When will girls realize this !!! :)

  6. Avatar for Joshua Joshua said:

    yeh these pretty much are true. even 13 believe it or not. A guy will pick on a girl that he likes....but in a playful way. He wont let them leave angry thinking hes bein an ass. and i agree cant be generalized

  7. Avatar for Brunella Brunella said:

    All of them are true including number 11 and 13, I have known guys who ended up liking me and asking me out, after teasing a about guys being open with their feelings, it makes sense for someone to open up, when the person who you are talking to seems honest and trustworthy...i guess you just have to show that you care about him and really feel that way too...

    Every head is a different mystery, this can`t obviously work the same way for everysingle male brain, but on my perspective all of this assumptions are 100% right...

  8. Avatar for The Silver Doe The Silver Doe said:

    Guys do my head in :-/
    They are so confusing, I wish they were more straightforward.
    They do my head in but are yet so attractive, grrrrr :-/

    1. Avatar for Pandoraslocket Pandoraslocket said:

      Right On. Right On!😣😠

  9. Avatar for moonlightkisu moonlightkisu said:

    these are only true for normal guys. Not for my ex, who was probably the meanest cheating sack of crap i've ever met.

    Unfortunately, I wish most of these were true for my ex .. but most likely not

  10. Avatar for Vandana Vandana said:

    Wonderful !

  11. Avatar for Ciera Ciera said:

    "14. Guys love you more than you love them if they are serious in your relationships."

    NOT TRUE!!! I love you equally <3

    1. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

      Nope, I love you more! :D
      Or equally :o

      1. Avatar for Ciera Ciera said:

        Hehehe! You know I'll never agree with that!

        because I love you more!

  12. Avatar for Leonila Mcclamy Leonila Mcclamy said:

    A few of the urls on your site appear broken. I hope you fix them.

  13. Avatar for olivia joners olivia joners said:

    I really do hope these are true because i really like this guy & he asked me if i wanted to go to the cinema with him; but no like abrupptly he said; i really wanna go see twilight do you & i said yeah, so he said oh we should go :) but i think he is just asking as friends:/ but i want to be more:/xx

    1. Avatar for Sasha Sasha said:

      No its fine dont worry he's starting with friends then he will build up and ask you out! So dont worry it happened to me.

    2. Avatar for Proudly Aqua Proudly Aqua said:

      Patience is a virtue.

  14. Avatar for abbie france abbie france said:


    1. Avatar for Liz Liz said:

      I like this hit and he always pushes me or teases me he also talked to me a lot and all my friends think we would be a good couple do you think he likes me

  15. Avatar for sakthi kumaran sakthi kumaran said:

    third point is really true

  16. Avatar for Shannan Tayler Shannan Tayler said:

    Alright, so I need advise. I read a few things, and this but it didn't tell me what I needed too know.. And I'm really getting stuck.. I don't care who replies with what answer, I just need some advise!

    This guy & I have were dating for nine months, and he broke up with me over text message. His reason for breaking up with was because "I was being a bitch." From my point of view, it was because it was the holidays and it was our first real holiday together and I was doing my best to make it perfect for him & my parents too. We argued and talked a few times after out break up, and it didn't go anywhere. We finally both dated someone else, but it didn't work in either of out favors. We started talking again, and we both admitted that we missed each other, we wanted to get back together, ect. But then, he says if and when we get back together, it won't be for a while. I smoke weed, and he doesn't like it. He is the only person I am willing to give it up for, and we got into it about that one night and he basically told me, to think of him as a friend, that knows me in more ways than anyone else. But he says in the future, he wants to be with me. But, he has a problem of not showing he cares.. He was never like that before, he was the nicest guy I knew. He would always compliment me, tell me jokes, tease me, ect. And now, it's all gone.. He doesn't act like the same old guy I knew nine months ago. I feel like he's only keeping me around because he knows I'm here, and for sex... (Don't lecture me about it...) A few days ago, I was put into the hospital and I called him, crying and crying and begging him to come because I was so scared.. His answer; "I have no way of getting up there.." But I found out that, that night when I called he went up to a restaurant that isn't that far from the town the hospital is in. And today, I just told him all I wanted most in the world was for him to show me that he cared, and he told me that he couldn't do that..

    My question is, what do I do? What do I say? If anything at all... I love this guy to death.. And I would do anything for him.. Literally, and I just want another chance with the only person I've ever loved. What do I do?! Any help? If anyone has any suggestions, email me or you can reply to this...

    Please anyone!

    1. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

      Sorry, I don't do relationship advice. Good luck!

    2. Avatar for Kitty catty Kitty catty said:

      I'm in the same ish situation only with out drugs and hospital help?

  17. Avatar for G.A.L.girl G.A.L.girl said:

    I hope really hope that all of this isn't b.s. My best guy is telling me that a guy from school likes me, but he doesn't want to tell me who until he's absolutely sure. Does this mean: he's just being a good friend or that he like likes me?

    Also i wish guys would just be an open book, and i'm fairly sure they would just like us to be easy to read too. But, i'm glad guys are emotional too. Love that guys are mostly not hormornal jack asses, except the actual ass wholes.

    1. Avatar for PERSON PERSON said:

      Sadly, I live in New Mexico, where the majority are ass holes. :(

      1. Avatar for kallie kallie said:

        They are:/ but out of every guy there there has got to be a godo one somewere(: my boyfriend is from mexico and is a good guy that is open and dosnt just want sex he care and is polite. it shows that there are good guys out there(:

  18. Avatar for Nicola Nicola said:

    This guy talks to me and flirts with me, and i really like him, but then when he goes out with his mates, hes just the same with other girls, i get butterflies in my stomach when he talks to me, but i dont know him well enough to just come out and say 'i love you' ! What do i do???

    1. Avatar for Whitney Whitney said:

      Just see where it goes. Let him do his thing for a little while, keep doing your own thing. Smile a lot. Compliment him. But do this occasionally. You don't want to be that annoying person who's constantly on his back. Good luck girl <3

  19. Avatar for sweet_JM sweet_JM said:

    wooow funny enough my boyfriend is all of these things .. The one about when they say to leave them alone i always left him alone until about a week ago when i realize he jus wonna talk..

  20. Avatar for Kallie Kallie said:

    I liked this(: every other website i checked said "boobs, butt, sex, and clevage." But this one is really good i like it(:

  21. Avatar for dervla dervla said:

    I really like this guy and I've been texting him for three months, he calls me beautiful and tells me his problems and I tell him mine, he told me about two months ago he liked me, i told him I liked him too and last month he asked who I liked and I said him, he said he liked me too:-) the thing is, we're awkward in person and I've only seen him twice, we text most days and he's so sweet, last month he told his best friend he liked me! He's become slow at replying, stops replying altogether and stuff but he asked me to be his valentine a few days ago and I know he's busy these days, does he like me? Advise?

    1. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

      If he's told you he likes you, then he likes you. Just because he's become slow at replying doesn't mean that he likes you any less. He could genuinely be busy and just be forgetting to reply to the messages.

      Are you both introverts? Introverted people are generally pretty awkward in person when they meet for the first time. Maybe organise something together? Go see a movie together or something.

      Good luck!

    2. Avatar for thisari thisari said:

      Dear i hav to giv u sm advice... ur at 50% safe side and 50 % danger... i experienced ur same situation... with aa guy... textin ... and so on... but it went fir eight months without meetin each other... he liked me... but never was my bf. . Coz we were busy with work.. no chance of meetin... and i am still a student.... and we got serious feelings fr each other... and wen it came to a climax... ( wen he experienced orgasms and all) he wanted to stop this... get rid of this... and i ddnt go aftr him as well... but i ws deeply hurt... felt a sharp knife in my heart, wen he really left me my deletin frm his contacts...ignorin me.... girl im so unlucky...i advise u kindly... to make the first move... and really convince him... if u wanna jeep him... till its too late... evn if he likes or not...u make da first move to meet him regularly.. and make ur bond stronger... so that he will hold on to u... be quick... before things turn upside dwn... dont be an unlucky gal like me! Aall da best dear!!

      1. Avatar for Emily Reynolds Emily Reynolds said:

        Too many dots 😫 it actually hurts just to look at.

    3. Avatar for Ernesto Rosete Ernesto Rosete said:

      You’re so stupid! He doesn’t like you! He’s playing you! You really think a man is going to wait a month for you? Lmfao wake up and smell the coffee while he’s not talking to you he’s thinking or hanging out with someone else! Stop wasting your time! Move on! If someone is meant to be in your life they’ll act like it not lead you on!

  22. Avatar for savannah savannah said:

    i like this boy and i dont know if he likes me, he stares at me all the time, he always teases me, playfights sometimes he tells me whats wrong&tells me to leave him alone, he's always asking me if im going out with someone, does that mean he likes me?

    1. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

      Sounds like he likes you.

  23. Avatar for Starla Starla said:

    This guy I worked with for like the past three months. Always teases me ,play fights with and always stares at . I like really like and he always makes fun of the fact that I like him. What does. That mean?

    1. Avatar for James Smith James Smith said:

      That he likes you but probably feels shy to tell you or he feels like your out of his league. Just a sign that you like him may be useful

    2. Avatar for Nabou Nabou said:

      He likes you and he's afraid to admit his true feelings

  24. Avatar for Winterheart Winterheart said:

    It's this one guy I really like! My bff told him about me and vice versa because we are totally similar. I've seen him (not. In person) and he is really handsome and he said I was really cute, but I know that he REALLY fancy breasts. I'm practically as flat as a plank! Would he ever like me? Maybe I'm not of any interest to him with this flat chest of mine :((

    1. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

      Honestly, I think every guy "really fancies breasts" :P But he should like you for your personality! Do you know much about him?

    2. Avatar for Proudly Aqua Proudly Aqua said:

      Like ur planks and be proud of them. Guys appreciate confident women. Makes you more attractive. Guys might like breasts but don't care when they like a woman.

    3. Avatar for UmarHard UmarHard said:

      are you kidding, go and talk to that guy. if there is a girl, with a flat breast or a flat butt!!!! and she likes me. I will like her back no matter what!!!!! funny but some time I like flat breast too. if he said you are cute go for it!!!!!. do not have a low self esteem!!!!!

    4. Avatar for Julio Cesar Villalva Trujillo Julio Cesar Villalva Trujillo said:

      I think breasts are not the most importante thing if your personalities match well, it's very posible he likes you, we might go for the looks but de stay for the joy that comes of being with someone that you always have good time with, and that goes well beyond looks, Plus boobs come In all shapes and sizes even and you can have fun with any of them, and personally i prefer shape than size.

  25. Avatar for Maddy - Maddy - said:

    I LOVE this thank you so much

  26. Avatar for Chris Chris said:

    oh god..... almost 80-90% of the points have been written about girls.... how does guys came in dis picture infact the name of the article shud b "37 things guy probably doesnt know about a girl" and in places of guy, girl shud b added...... no offence......

    1. Avatar for Emily Reynolds Emily Reynolds said:


  27. Avatar for Sam Sam said:

    some of these are beyond adorable. lol.

  28. Avatar for Worrier Worrier said:

    These boys look at my butt does that mean they like me?

    1. Avatar for Daniel15 Daniel15 said:

      It could just mean you have a nice butt :D

    2. Avatar for Emily Reynolds Emily Reynolds said:

      Yeah lol they're just checking you out, doesn't mean they like you.

    3. Avatar for Pandoraslocket Pandoraslocket said:

      It means horn dog city and disrespectful! What's wrong with your face 😍 just kiddin. I would tell him to. STOP ✋

  29. Avatar for bealovesyou bealovesyou said:

    I met this guy on the internet and weve been chatting for a year already. He visited my country last last week we hangout mostly everyday, we feel comfortable with each other, and we feel like weve known each other for a long time even if we havent met in person before. hes an amazing guy. Hes decent, funny, and kind hearted even my parents really like him . Three days before he was going to leave we were alone in this tower with a very beautiful view he looked at me into my eyes and kissed me. I was shocked and didnt know what to do but i just kissed him back. The day before he was gonna go he told me " Im going to the immigration tomorrow and i want to extend my stay here. I honestly want to spend more time with you and i like this place. I just dont want to go". So we went to the immigration and he extended his stay and gave up his trip to Bali then we spent another week together and he told me twice that im really beautiful. Last thursday we had a heart to heart talk about his life. He told me about his past relationship with his ex gf. They have been together for4 yrs already but he decided to end it because hes not yet ready for a relationship and he still wants to travel and explore what the world has to offer. I felt bad because I kissed him and we did it and i asked him if it was for rebound because he might not be over the relationship. He looked into my eyes and said: " No its not like that. I got over the relationship 3 months ago. and yes shes still important to me and were still friends and you are not for rebound.. I promise" I knew that it was true because i can see it in his eyes and the expression on his face that what he said is sincere and true. I smiled at him and he kissed me in the forehead and then he added shyly " you are special to me and what we did is special to me" I didnt know what he meant by special so I just shrugged it off. I really like him but I cant tell him. Im not the type to tell a guy How i feel about them. He told me that he is going to leave on Sunday I dont know why but i got worried that i might have done something wrong or maybe im just over reacting so i just shrugged it off. Yesterday was his last day and we went out for the last time. He keeps on asking me why i was so quiet . I just told him that im bored and tired but honestly i felt sad on the inside and i just faked a smile and he told me with a sad expression on his face" I really dont want to go but i feel like I have to" and before he has to go back to his hotel he took my hand and looked at me with an unexplainable expression he looked like he doesnt want to let go, he feels sad, but he just fakes a smile, and its like hes waiting for me to say something then he kissed me. He wasnt the type to say what he really feels but i can really see it through his actions.he messaged me on fb yesterday " I had fun with you for the last two weeks and ill miss you". He left this morning and i feel sad. all I can think about is him, the way he looked at him, and his last words to me. Im not sure what he really feels towards me. I honestly dont want him to leave but i didnt tell him because i still have to face the fact that in the end he still has to leave. I regreted that i didnt get to tell him how i feel about him last night for i was afraid that he might stay longer and if his day is up it might be hard for him to leave and it might be hard for him to let go. it just makes my chest feel heavy. any advise? please

    1. Avatar for soo rin soo rin said:

      You're really a lucky girl. I'm so touched with your story.

  30. Avatar for Tere Dominguez Tere Dominguez said:

    I been with my bf for 4 months n after we saw the fault in our stars he just started acting all sweet telling me he misses me n all this shit but I have I feeling he did something so can u guys give me advise plz

  31. Avatar for ews ews said:

    this is just likemy true story so i thought about sharing u guys the link!!

  32. Avatar for babydoll241 babydoll241 said:

    I really really really really like this guy a lot he is a volunteer like I am he is a lot lot lot lot older then me i know he likes me from a mutual friend that he does like me when I am around him my heart beats fast and I get this funny feeling in my stomach like I am going to throw up he acts strange around me like he is fidgeting alot stares at me a lot and walks in and out of the same room I am in for no reason whats so ever when we play a game with the residents he'll lets me user his player anytime I want and would let me tease him in a good way which I know how gets mad when anyone else uses his player and if anyone else teases him if I use his player he wont get mad at me if I tease him in in a fun way he wont get mad at me at all so can you help me out I want to tell him I like him but I don't want to loose him as a friend either so what should I do any advice

  33. Avatar for Sandy Sandy said:

    I absolutely agree with 32, and as a girl, I'm surprised with 33 but other than that, it's an amazing list and now I know more about boys, so thank you. :)

  34. Avatar for Sasha Sasha said:

    Well um i like this guy but the worst part is he always teases me and sort of in like a rude ish way because he knows i love him and now he just teases me and he never used to do that!!!!! And every time i talk to him its just so awkward and he tells me to go away! Does this mean anything

  35. Avatar for Noemi Noemi said:

    I met a guy during a college summer program in another country I am not from. I had noticed him but never really gave him thought until I actually sat down one morning and spoke with him. I would notice that he would look my way a lot and, not just that, when I would catch him looking at me he would flinch! Haha Then he would also enjoy getting me annoyed by saying things about people from my country, so yea he teased me. I started to like him but thought it ridiculous because I was from another country. I had heard from others that he was a player and an asshole but he never acted like that towards me. He would also see me and try to catch up to me when he would see me but when we spoke he wouldn't look me straight in the eyes, as if he was shy. He was with me right before my bus departed. He did ruffle my feelings. I came to find out he had known I liked him, a few days before my departure. So I am not sure if he was just playing with my feelings or if he did like me back. I never told him myself and he never told me anything. We have been texting some now. What had his actions meant? Could he had possibly liked me? Advice? We do text some.

  36. Avatar for saranya saranya said:

    Hai actually my thing is entirely different we both had a good eye contact and I am more interested in him but I dont know whether he likes me? suggest me some idea I decided to talk with him but scared...

  37. Avatar for CrimsonAshes CrimsonAshes said:

    Well, now i know that my boyfriend wants me in that way cuz he is always smacking me on the ass xD Then again it may be because i have a nice butt :P Which i have to admit i do xD

  38. Avatar for Angel Angel said:

    I need help. I love this guy in my class but he's dating my friend. And he calls me cute. He says he loves me but wants to touch me and see my parts. I don't know if I should let him or not. I love him so much I don't want to break his heart. And then I like this other guy who love me a lot calls me beautiful and they're like best friends and I don't know who to choose. I need help please

  39. Avatar for jane jane said:

    The guy I like was saying how beautiful I am and that I shouldn't be insecure but then he asked me if I would let him have my ass, what should I say?

  40. Avatar for Watermelons Watermelons said:

    Ok so im in 6th grade and this boy called me beautiful twice and pretty like 10 times this year and i dont know if he likes me or not cause we are always talking in a certain class and he was goofing off and laughing and kept looking at me smiling,laughing, and blushing so what does that mean? And all this fun activity he has been doing keeps going on every day, and one time he looked at me for a while then looked down and giggled,! What does all this mean i need good advice😝

  41. Avatar for Utsa Dhar Utsa Dhar said:

    Hi I met this guy online ... He said he likes me a lot and that m special . Evn I like him ... He txt each other daily n he calls me often .. Bt Nly on weekend the rate of txt exchange is vry less compared to the week day ... On weekends he ll only wish me morning and gud nyt .. Tats it!
    I am not understanding y is it like this ... I din asked him cz dnt want to sound desparate n needy .. Does he really likes me ? Pl help me out of the confusion

    Thnx Payel

  42. Avatar for Haily Haily said:

    The guy i really really like kept poking my boobs and slaping my ass what does this mean does be like me back!?

  43. Avatar for Jade Jade said:

    what does it mean if you are close to a guy and you guys are friends/Best, but are vert flirty with each other and talk heaps.He constantly calls you hot and stuff like that, then one night we are talking and i say im not confident with my body and he gets really angry and tries to say ur hot then you say ur fat and he says no you are perfect?

    1. Avatar for Max Max said:

      It obviously means he likes you.

  44. Avatar for James Smith James Smith said:

    I have a girl and we love each other more than anything, but we work so well because we talk and communicate. Love is so rare, but if I treat her with even something small, she will do the same back. Just be truthful with each other never don't just feel like you can't say how you feel just do it.

  45. Avatar for melissa melissa said:

    Do guys tell their friends on the girl they like? One guy's friends keeps teasing me with him together and asking me on my opinion of him. I'm confuse if he likes me as he does not even try to talk to me or make contact with me. But when we do talk, it's just simple things like hi. There's this awkward stare/gaze look he gives me when he sees me though. Does he like me? His friends says that he likes me and he thinks I'm girlfriend material but his actions says otherwise...

  46. Avatar for Abby Abby said:

    Okay im a junior high female student who knows nothing about boys (yet i look like one)
    But i have a boyfriend. He says that i look hot with short hair, and today, my friends were talking about my butt, and i said "I don't want mine" and he looked over at me like "boii."
    My friend Elizabeth started talking anout how big my butt is, and he suddenly bent over to check.
    He loves my butt more then he loves me xD jk. Idk. What does this mean exactly? Oh well. To say, i really like him but im scared he might like me for only my body....

  47. Avatar for Nabou Nabou said:

    I like a guy in my class and we're like best friends and I don't know if we should go out or not if we do 1 everybody will make a big deal about it 2 him and I are in a team with our best friends and we have bin in this team for about a year and 3 if we go out and it doesn't work out it might ruin our relationship and might be friends anymore 4 when he go's out with a girl it gets awkward for him and they don't hang out with the girl 5 we're in every class together 6 i talk to him like 50 to a 100 times a day I'm not joking. If I don't tell how I feel I'll like blow up inside. Should I ask him.

  48. Avatar for Ravs Ravs said:

    There is this guy. We are in the same group. We were starting to become really close friends but last year on New year's night, we were so drunk that we made out(no sex). We had decided we won't let it effect our friendship and also we had told each other that we weren't over our ex's(I was lying). But I feel that somewhere it did effect our friendship. After that day we hardly messaged each other, hardly called, would only hangout with the entire group. I could see that he had started getting close to this other girl that he had introduced in d group. I would get really jealous and he could see that. Once we went out for a trip, we were in the car and he made a move at me. I let him coz I really liked him. We made out (no sex) that night. As usual next day no attachment from his side again. After that we have been making out whenever we do a night out(usually it's in his house as all the guy's in my group (5 boys)share the same apartment and we are just 3 girls, so we decide to hangout there) and a couple of times he's called me to his place and we make out then. When we meet alone in his apartment, he does talk initially, asks me y I'm so jealous of the other girl and tells me that I shouldn't be jealous as there's nothing and then we make out. There is no other conversation after that. This has been going on for a year. I thought I was fine with this whole friends with benefits arrangement but clearly I'm not. I'm in love with him. Recently while making out I think I heard him say "I love you". It was an amazing feeling. But since I didn't want the situation to get awkward I excused my self to use the restroom. I didn't take long but by the time I was back he showed that he was sleeping. It was early in d morning n we were sharing the room with the other girl( who I'm jealous of, now they are really close friends, they spend most of their time together since they are in the same team and she mostly ends up staying with him in his house since their shift timings are the same). I feel he's behaving awkwardly again. I thing I forgot to mention, recently I was very angry with him for a stupid reason. First day of the fight he really tried to convince me. After that nothing for 2 days. But my best friend says(who is also part of the group) that he was constantly contacting her to knw if I was still angry. I know all this is very cute but sometimes he behaves like I'm any other girl for him n sometimes even worse. I don't know what to do. Does he love me? Should I tell him I love him? Am I over thinking the situation? Pleaaassseee help me!!!

  49. Avatar for CinnamonToastFool CinnamonToastFool said:

    These are stupid.

    I hope no girl actually looks at this and says.. "Oh wow, I know about the entire male race, now I just need to apply number two and they'll go 'crazy' over me HAHAHAHAHAHHA"

    "I'm a guys' weakness! AHA!"

    Please.. this page should just burn.

  50. Avatar for Ritz Joy Ritz Joy said:

    I met this guys at a fashion event
    This guy was randomly kissed by some friend and then I thought he is flirt and all n later one of our common friend asked this guy to drop me home so on the way back he started askng me if I like him .why don't I kiss him ,a simple kiss on cheeks ,don't I like him and all
    And later after dinner he stopped the car on way bk to my home and told he likes me ,likes my nature and I am beautifull . Later then he asked if he could hug me for which I agreed then later on he started kissing me and after that he asked if he forced him self on me and if I am Gona remember him next day after that day he never contacted me
    What does that mean ?

  51. Avatar for disqus_wVCPLxYn3C disqus_wVCPLxYn3C said:

    I had a crush on a guy for like 2 years. At first i thought it was only a good-looking-crush but then it turns out that he likes me too and we started to love each other. But since he doesn't want to make the first move, i gave up and thought that maybe i should be with someone who brave enough to make an effort to be with me. So i dated a guy who is actually his friend and he got all upset when he know about it. He later dated a girl who used to be his best friend. After some months, I broke up with the guy but my crush is still with the girl till this day. But after all this time, he is still doing the same thing he used to like staring at me when i look away, stalking my social media accounts, saying things like "your smile kills me" "you are so great i wanna marry you" "don't talk to other guys, you are mine and only mine" so ugh he sends me mixed signals but he have a gf so why did he do this to me? What should i do about him and how should i treat him? And I'm sorry for my bad english

    1. Avatar for Max Max said:

      He might like her, but it is very obvious he would much rather be with you. Actually talk to him about it. Ask him about all these things and tell him what you have noticed

  52. Avatar for Marianna Robledo Marianna Robledo said:

    There's this guy I really like. He has NO idea though. He is popular ( he's on the football and basketball team) and he messages me on snapchat sometimes and we talk so much he doesn't like me for my boobs or ass he actually wants to have a conversation and he is soooooo funny. But at school he's so shy around me and I can tell it's hard for him to even say hi to me. But I am shy too Sooo what do I do?! And he doesn't message me all the time only every blue moon. So idk what to do should I give up on him?

    1. Avatar for Max Max said:

      Don't give up on him! It really does seem like he is interested in you! It sucks you are both shy. Keep trying to talk to him, start out with just a small smile and gradually lead up to actual conversations (in person)
      Continue to talk to him on Snap chat and keep essaging him

  53. Avatar for Heaven Heaven said:

    I have liked this guy for a while know and he opens doors for me, cuddles up to me when we're in his room, plays around with me, smiles at me all the time, and smacks my butt.. I just don't know if he likes me or not..

  54. Avatar for Heaven Heaven said:

    I've liked this boy for a while.. He's like one year older than me and he holds doors for me, jokes around with me, plays around with me, smiles at me 24/7, hits me with his shoulder in the Hallways, and smacks my butt.. Dose he like me? Everyone says he dose but I just feel like he's just a friend..

  55. Avatar for Jahnel Lewis Jahnel Lewis said:

    There this guy I might have a crush on and he been visiting a girl that's in a hospital and he said sorry he hasnt been responding to my Texts and he says I'll be honest I use to like her well not anymore but his actions lately say differently he just was so scared what happened to her I didn't ask him to explain to me that information but my friend say it's his way of opening up to me and wants to be honest . idk what you guys think??

    1. Avatar for Max Max said:

      Perhaps he actually does still have feelings for her, and the fact she was in the hospital sort of, "jumpstarted" them if you know whay I mean. Maybe he Realized that he really does care about her.
      But maybe your friends are right, he could just be opening up to you because he trusts you.

  56. Avatar for Laura Laura said:

    Me and this guy was texting from 8 till 12 34 at night just randomly stuff he asked about my day and at times if I say good night he text back no but then he doesn't text anything afterwards. When we see each other in person he is kinda quit around me

  57. Avatar for Savanna Savanna said:

    Okay....I like this guy at my school a lot. And we've been hanging out A LOT. And we text and snapchat and everything, and 8i told him I thought he was gorgeous, and he said I was pretty. How do I know if he's just saying that or if he actually means it?

  58. Avatar for .... .... said:

    Ok so I really like this guy but he would do things like throw a pen or pencil at my boobs during school or kick my ass but he would let me do whatever I wanted to him , and the other day wrote his name with a heart on my hand , does that mean anything

  59. Avatar for Aimee Aimee said:

    We were passing notes in class and this guy told me he liked me but ended it with lol jk :) what does that mean

    1. Avatar for Max Max said:

      He was probably nervous about your reaction, so he quickly tried to play it off as a joke so nothing would be awkward.

  60. Avatar for Rebecca Rebecca said:

    I'll try to keep this brief, but I really want to know if my crush likes me.
    His name is Liam. We've been in the same classes for a few years. We've never really talked. Just a few short conversations, but none recently. Sometimes I catch him staring at me, but more often I can sense he's looking at me, but I'm not positive because I'm too shy to look at him and see if he's actually looking at me.
    He talks and flirts and teases all these other girls, but he never, ever talks to me.
    He told his friend, Caleb, who he's not that close with, that he didn't like me like that, but he asked if I liked him(Liam). He also said he likes other girls, that are not me, to Caleb and he actually talks to those girls he claims to like. He also teases one of my best friend's all the time, a girl he used to, or maybe still, has feelings for.
    He gave me a complement one time where he kind-of told me I was hot, and kind-of told my boyfriend at the time that he was ugly and not good enough for me. I'm single now btw.
    Also in class he seems to turn his body towards me when sitting.
    On Facebook he likes some of my photos. But it kind of seems like he only likes my photos when I like one of his. Like I didn't like any of his posts for awhile, then he didn't like any of mine. Then I liked one of his posts, and he liked one of mine back. (Maybe that's nothing lol, just something I noticed and I'm probably reading way too much into this lol).
    One time I complemented him over Facebook by saying he was, 'Cute and funny,' he only replied with a, 'Ty.' (meaning thank you). I texted him once too, it was a very short conversation, it didn't go anywhere.
    Hopefully that's enough info, mainly he ignores me all the time, but I swear I have never done him any wrong, which is why I'm so confused. Also I don't like smell bad or am mean to anybody or am unattractive really lol.
    Anyways, thanks in advance for any help and/or thoughts you're able to provide, it would be much appreciated. :) xoxo

  61. Avatar for Jenna Wade Jenna Wade said:

    Well I had a guy friend recently. He told me I'm beautiful, smart and cool. That I deserve a great guy and can't believe I'm single and alone. Yet he likes another girl more than me and would think about her if he tried being with me. So basically he wants to stay friends or set me up with one of his friends. I don't want that though. It sucks cause I liked him and thought it could go somewhere. So guys are just as confusing as girls are, especially with mixed signals. I've basically given up on dating nowadays

  62. Avatar for Gulia Camilleri Gulia Camilleri said:

    A few yrs ago i was with this guy we stopped dating but now we are talking i always compliment him and he almost never compliments me back when i tell him something happend he like starts sending me like u ok why? What happend i like him we talk bout our lives latley he said avout when we used to go to school together tht those were the good times

  63. Avatar for babymayamoo babymayamoo said:

    guys in my class are always asking me to swap places with them, and the majority of them are behind me and whispering. If i look at the reflection on my computer, I can see them looking down...what does it mean?

  64. Avatar for aditi bhaduri aditi bhaduri said:

    This guy i know for 5 years is friends with me. When i broke up my 10 year long relationship he helped me stand back on my feet for almost a year. however in the process i fell in love with him because he was so gentle and thoughtful all the time. I have told him that too After 6 months he tells me i am coming between him and his dream and should back off and we should just be friends. He says he wants to care for me all the time but will never fall in love with me. What does he mean? We have kissed and cuddled a lot too.

  65. Avatar for Ava May Ava May said:

    Can Someone help me with my school we have somthing called iconnect and we read around the room this guy(my ex)was behind me while I was in a chair. My phone was in my back pocket and he was grabbing it trying to get it.around the 3rd time his fingers"slipped" and totally hit my butt.was he just playing or does he want me back? Plz help any help will be appricated.

  66. Avatar for Kaneki Ken Kaneki Ken said:

    I need help guys. So there is this one person at my school who i like. Im in 8th and he's in 7th. But he likes to chase "hoes". He knows i like him but does nothing and his friend keeps telling me and him to talk to each other. aaaaannnddd I've caught the guy i like looking at my butt. Then he has the balls to tell his friend (that helps me talk to him) that he would date me but that i have no butt and that he only messes with big booty "hoes". Everyone keeps telling him that just because i have no butt (i actually do, my jeans squeeze them) doesn't define or construct a relationship. But, I'm getting tired of waiting and him says these things so i just told him, "If you want to be stupid and chase hoes ,that you know you aren't going to get and who don't pay attention to you, rather than being with someone, who pays attention to the way your eyes crease when you laugh and just smiles AND whose wasting their time trying to get with you, then go ahead. And he just stood there silently, speechless while his friend were mumbling "oooooooooo..."

    Now my question is, Was i right to do that and should i wait a little longer or what? And i was right/wrong why?
    Please help!!!

    1. Avatar for Kate S Kate S said:

      I think that you shouldn’t waste your time on a douchebag like him. I doubt he is all that interested in butts but just wants to act cool. Id say that you did the right thing standing up for yourself. You were kinda harsh, and I would have taken a more subtle approach by just telling him to get lost and he can realize later that no one will like him but you do you girl!!

  67. Avatar for Kate S Kate S said:

    So last year I know this guy liked me, and now I like him. We snap occasionally, but he has a weird method of doing it. I snap him then we snap back and forth a lot in one night, then things slow down the next day then he doesn’t open the snap for a couple days, so I snap him again and the cycle repeats! When we see each other in the halls he often smiles at me. And sometimes when I’m not at the certain point where we she each other, it kinda looks like he’s looking for me. But idk does he like me?

  68. Avatar for Stephanie Stephanie said:

    I have a guy friend who I’ve been friends with for almost 7 years. We joke around a lot and he’s one of the few people I tell everything to. Recently I started to develop a crush on him I don’t know if it’s bc I’m lonely or because I really am starting to like him. Ever since he broke up with his girlfriend, he’s been play flirting with me a lot and I don’t know if I should take it as him liking me or if I’m overthinking it. This summer, we didn’t see each other at all and when I saw him again he was so shy to the point where he stuttered, something he never does when I’m around him. He frequently tell me he “loves me” but then denies it by saying “just kidding” or “you thought”. Plus, the other day, my friend (girl) and I went to go visit him at work by surprise and when we finished visiting him, he gave her a hug and when he went up to me, he just started at me and just patted my head. I honestly expected a hug since all 3 of us have been friends for 7 years and I thought since he gave her a hug he was going to give me a hug too. I honestly don’t know if there might be a chance of him liking me. If he does, I wouldn’t mind because he’s my best friend and I know him inside and out (vise versa). I forgot to say that he’s always sayin sexual stuff to me like “I’m horny”. At first o thought it was because were so comfortable with each other but now I don’t know what it means. Do y’all think he might like me a little or am I exaggerating ?

  69. Avatar for sally sally said:

    he is from dominican republic, but he lived in america for long time. he is now 19( born in 1999) and I am 14, born in 2004 ( I am korean >_<) . I had a crush on him, but gave up when I knew he is not a teen anymore and he is not a christian. also, he uses many bad words. we live in a dorm and he saw me doing splits in the gym. he asked me that he wants me to help him doing splits. but, to say briefly about our school, we have a stupid rule that we cannot date. also, we get kicked out of the school when get caught dating. (stupid school...) well, to come back to the previous story, after he saw me doing splits, he texted me and said " sally, I had to say this, you are very cute " so i answered " thank you ^^. you are very attractive too " then he asked me if I want to kiss him. I don;t know why I answered like this shit but I answered " i think so " then he said he wants to kiss me . and we can kiss sneakly or whatever.. can;t remember the details. oh right. he also said that he didn't tell others because he don't want to make troubles and he wanted him to be the only one that knows that I am cute. ( what the shit am I saying ) well, its what happened. but, Ive never kissed a guy. like long kiss. so can you tell me what it means when guys say I want to kiss you? does it mean that he wants to date me or he is just lonely? I am korean so I don't know a shit about the america culture. ( I live in pennsylvania) well, what does ' kiss ' means? does it mean like longkiss or lip kiss? does it almost always mean lip-to-lip kiss when they say in this kinda situation? ( he is not my boyfriend) oh.. I am so confused .. haha

  70. Avatar for Monika Monika said:

    Hi. There's this boy in my English at HHMS. We're in every class except for math, gym, and SPED class for period 3. We never spoke to each other until January 7th (on my BDAY). Ever since I accidentally poked him hard with a pencil, he said he will slap my a$$. He's been doing it everyday and I keep telling him to back off. What does this mean? Can anyone tell me?

  71. Avatar for Monika Monika said:

    Hi. There is this boy in my English class. We're in every class except for math. We never spoke to each other until January 7th (my B-Day). In science class, I accidentally poked him hard with my pencil and he said he will slap my a$$. I keep telling him to back off but he keeps doing it everyday. What does this mean? Can anyone tell me?

  72. Avatar for Colette Ann Sadeghi Colette Ann Sadeghi said:

    Mine is like this and im 51 and he is 26. Older men and men my age SUCK. they just dont relate to me emotionally or sexually thats it really. By the way thats my mum in the picture with me not my bf