The code for the MySpace Friend List Export script I wrote a while back is now available for download. If you're a PHP programmer and are interested in viewing the source code for it, take a look at :)

The code is quite ugly, but, well, so is MySpace. That's my excuse. :P

Tags PHP, MySpace, export, Friends, cURL, mspagerstate, viewstate

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  1. Avatar for Cody Cody said:

    Thanks for the code. It will really help personalize my myspace.

  2. Avatar for willy willy said:

    well if it works thnax very much

  3. Avatar for Andy Andy said:

    I don't know PHP , and thanks for application.

    If you have over 2000 friends myspace does not allow you to list 'on line friends.'

    Could you include on your report the number of friend that Myspace
    says you have , and also an option to display just on line friends ?

    Below is the code that myspace displays , just need to test/switch on
    the 'Class'


    Another option I would like is to export all my Blog Subscribers and group members.

    Someone asked me if php could be written to export all comments on a
    myspace page.

    An feature I am trying to make is export all forum topics etc on a group page and convert this to RSS and html.

    Anyone seen this done ?

  4. Avatar for method method said:

    I tried it . It didn't work !! Could any one tell me how to fix it ?

  5. Avatar for marketing marketing said:

    This is a great site to learn. Life is all about learning a little bit everyday

  6. Avatar for ERIC ERIC said:


  7. Avatar for evo evo said:

    Is there a way to export this to CSV