Today, I fixed the "transparency" issue on the Facebook Flash Embed application. Rather than using a transparent background for all Flash animations, it now allows you to set the background colour. Some animations that did not display correctly previously will now appear correctly.

Additionally, a few minor bugs with the Import a Flash "embed" code were fixed as well. FlashVars in <embed> tags should now work properly.

As usual, please report any bugs to me :)

Tags Facebook, flash, embed, wmode, transparency, opaque

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  1. Avatar for mads mads said:

    I tried your app on my profile:

    All settings seem to work fine, except no matter what I do, I cannot set transparency to "off".

    Other suggestions:
    + could you increase the width to the full 396 pixels of the column?
    + could you remove the white space above and below the flash? (if no text is intered)
    + is there maybe possibly a workaround to start the flash with an autoexecuting script or something?

    Thanks for a great FB app!


  2. Avatar for Ice Ice said:

    Sorry to bother you.

    But I didn't see that you fixed the transparency thing.

    The Background Color setting, seem to me, it does not work at all.

    It makes my cartoon very ugly!

    Why not delete that transparency item???!!!

  3. Avatar for kolamani kolamani said:

    Hi Daniel5,

    Great app! Would also love to see an auto-play option like mads requested.

    Any chance?



  4. Avatar for Petit Petit said:

    Hi and thanks for an easy to use Facebook app!
    I really love that, and I really wonder why Facebook didn't include this as a standard in the first place.

    I have a question here, which maybe I should ask the FB peaople about, but you would know, I guess.
    I created a Page on Facebook, and then tried to add you embed application on that page. However it ended up on my Profile page.
    Is that behavior part of your application or is it a Facebook rule?

    Great app!

  5. Avatar for bursah bursah said:


  6. Avatar for Andrei Dvoynos Andrei Dvoynos said:

    Hello, it seems that you havent fixed yet the problem with the transparency... No matter what i do i cant set the transparency as "off". Well thats about it, oh yeah, and it would be nice some autoplay as well. Thxs

  7. Avatar for ni ni said:

    hi i am also having trouble with the transparency. if i uncheck it and enter a background, facebook will re-check it upon saving and I can't get a background color. otherwise it works great! i agree that auto-play would be very nice. thank you.

  8. Avatar for Petit Petit said:

    Excellent application and seemingly rock steady :-)

    Would it be possible to give the application instance a title other than Flash Embed. I know this is a bit tricky, as you want people to find the application, so maybe something like "Flash Embed presenting " , or just "Flash Embed - "

    I added a mobile snapshot presentation, using Flash Embed, but my friends doesn't find it when folded. I also want to embed another Flash, and of course it will get the same title.

    Thanks for a great app!


  9. Avatar for Petit Petit said:

    Sorry, that didn't make sense since angle brackets are swallowed :-)
    My suggestion were meant to read:
    "Flash Embed presenting " MyTitle or
    "Flash Embed - " MyMovie

  10. Avatar for James Smith James Smith said:

    After deleting the animation and the application showing that there wasn't
    an animation the old animation still appeared on my profile.

    Thank you,


  11. Avatar for Luke Luke said:

    hey man. awesome app!! been looking for something like this!

    yeah just wanted to let you know that there is no 'CLICK HERE TO PLAY' image appearing, theres just a red X and a blank box where the flash should be.

    clicking it starts the movie fine but it looks broken!? any ideas?

    thanks again mate.


  12. Avatar for Fawaz Ahmed Fawaz Ahmed said:

    kewl app... though transparency doesnt seem to work trying to get:

    to look ok ... needs black background.

    Thanks! :)

  13. Avatar for Gilberto Gilberto said:

    Thank you for this app. I just have a question. how can rearrange the flash animations once I have more than one? I want to place the latest one on top but I always get them in a random place. Thanks.

  14. Avatar for DJ DJ said:

    I love the ease of the app, but the transparency option isn't working for me either. If I uncheck it and save the changes it just automatically reverts back to being checked. Deleting the transparency function like Ice said might be a good idea if you can't work the option out.

    My only other suggestion would be to give the users a small space to describe the animations they put up. Just a place where someone who puts up their own animation can say a few words about it.

  15. Avatar for tao tao said:

    I cannot set transparency to “off”.

  16. Avatar for Scott Scott said:

    Hey, can you support embedded flash for band pages? I can't seem to add the facebook app to one.


  17. Avatar for Migs Migs said:

    I think you app is one of the best out there, if not the best, but I have a question is it possiable to not have to click on the flash file to activate it, if so how would you do that ?

    I would really appriciate your help on this as it's a pain when someone visites your profile and has to activly click to see what is in there.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work mate,

  18. Avatar for Guan Guan said:

    It's a cool apps which satisfies me a lot. But one problem is the flash content won't load if I transfer the app from "Box" to "Wall" in my profile page.

  19. Avatar for Choco Choco said:

    How i can take your embed to myspace profile page

  20. Avatar for belen belen said:

    Hi, I have the same problem as Guan . In the application it works but in my profile it doesn´t (sorry for the bad English) can you tell me how to fix it? thank you :)

  21. Avatar for j0be j0be said:

    It would be nice if this app would support the wall tab. If you move the box over to the wall tab, it displays this lovely message in the box.

    "No content to display. This box will not be visible to people who view your profile until this application adds content to it."

  22. Avatar for Kde777 Kde777 said:

    I left the link to my profile.

    Dude I uploaded my flash and everything from an URL because I think I couldn't get the embed code and stuff..

    But, I don't where the hell is it.. I mean, I uploaded and stuff.. but I can't see it.. any help?

  23. Avatar for abdul abdul said:

    thanx man