Well, I've just finished my ICT Fellowship. I must say, it was a great thing for me to do; it gave me something to do over the holidays 😃. I made some macros in Excel (which was not all that difficult, because I used to work with macros when I was younger)

Anyways, I did learn a few things... Some of the things I learnt were:

  • How to use Microsoft Access properly
  • That you can get images from Google Images and resize them to 32x32 to make good looking icons 😄
  • The help in Microsoft Access's VBA doesn't function very well (see previous post)
  • How to use Microsoft Excel macros to do stuff like turn an ugly-looking worksheet to a nice one... The macro recorder is also quite handy

It also gave me a good feel of what working in a workplace is like. Although I did have to spend 1 hour commuting every day, it was definately worth it 😃

So, yeah... I'll be waiting for my cheque to arrive in the mail 😄:D

Well, it's the holidays again, so I'm back doing my ICT Fellowship. I'm currently doing work in Microsoft Access, and also creating icons in a program called 'Easy Icon Maker'.

Speaking of Access, I encountered a weird error... I was drafting some Visual Basic code, and needed to look up something in the help file (as I was using Access, which I don't have much experience in). I got this error:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Interestingly enough, I clicked the 'Help' button, and got this:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

A bug, maybe? After all, the help article opened in the 'Windows Help Application', yet the article was saying that the application wasn't installed! 😛

Well, my mid-year exams are now all done. I think that exams are the stupidest thing ever... Whoever invented them should be shot... in the foot 😛

...erm... Yeah, anyway..... For our maths exams (Specialist Maths, and Maths Methods), we have a 2-hour exam where we can use a calculator, and a 1-hour calculator-free exam.

These are the exams I did:

  • English - Bah, the English exam was stupid. We needed to write three essays in two hours! Having said that, I got a B on that exam (and I thought I was going to fail it 😛)
  • Physics - Physics was alright (I quite like Physics). The exam was actually just questions that were cut and pasted from various revision books! I got an A+ on this exam.
  • Specialist Maths - This was hard, it involved maths stuff such as partial fractions, Circle theorems, and other stuff. If there's one maths area I hate, it's circle theorems! Having said that, I got an A+ on this exam
  • Maths Methods - This was easy! Maths Methods is incredibly easy compared to Specialist Maths. I got 97% in the calculator-active test (the highest in the class). This involved stuff like quadratics, cubics, quartics, solving equasions, etc, etc. The overall mark was an A+
  • Chemistry - This was the one exam I was dreading (I'm not really that good at chemistry). Nevertheless, I got a B on this exam (which I'm quite happy with)

Yeah... That's all my exams...

In other news, someone recently spammed the CWH Networks forum:

It took me the whole of 2 minutes to clean all that up. Seriously, when will these spammers learn? Geez! 😄

Well, some people have been asking me about my signature image... In case you haven't seen it, here you go:

Nice, huh? 😃 Seeing as I have no graphics skill whatsoever, I thought it would be nice to make something more technical.

I have a 'Hosted Signature' service, where someone can download my signature client, and have a signature similar to my one. If you ask me, I may give you a signature like this. Note that this is only for people that I know, I don't want random people asking me for signatures and stuff 😛

Well, I though I'd better write a post about how the ICT Fellowship went (which was about 3 weeks ago)

It was quite good actually, I learned a bit about Blender (a 3D application) as well as some things about software development (I already knew quite a lot though, as you would probably know). A few of the other things I learned were:

  • During times when lots of visitors come to Melbourne (such as the 2006 Commonwealth Games), trams are really crowded... On one of the days, I happened to miss the tram, and the next one after it was so crowded it wasn't funny 😄
  • It's impossible to get lost in Melbourne's CBD. Even though I don't go into the city much, I could basically guess where to walk to find a tram stop. Most of the people in the city are friendly and know where everything is (even though I've been in Melbourne my whole life, I don't go into the CBD often, and don't really know my way around)
  • Something else (I forgot)...

I'll be going back there on the next school holidays, so I'll see what happens then

Welcome to my blog! It's not much at the moment, but might grow in the future.

Well, I think I should say why I created this blog. The main reason why this blog was created was because I won an ICT Fellowship (you can read more about this on the VITTA Website:

A key initiative proposed by the Taskforce is the Student ICT Fellowships. Fellowships of AU$ 1000 are offered annually to outstanding students making use ICT in Government schools. The Fellowships have been developed to provide students with the opportunity to work in a relevant ICT-related organisation and implement meaningful, real-life ICT projects, with the likes of graphic designers, system managers, web-masters and programmers acting as their mentors.

So basically, it's like work experience, except I get AU$1000 at the end... Quite nice

So, anyway, I'll probably be writing some stuff in here relating to this. I'm considering using Wordpress instead of this MKPortal-based blog system, but I can't really be bothered installing at the moment. Besides, this system is simple

Thanks for visiting


NOTE: I've since transferred to WordPress 😃

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